People Powering Wetlands Restoration

Here we feature some of the people who make up our partnership and are doing the work to restore our wetlands so that all of us in the Bay Area can enjoy the many services they provide.

Birding Around the Bay with SFBJV Coordinator Beth Huning

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Restoring wetland habitats for birds, other wildlife and people

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture is the largest Bay Area partnership devoted to protecting wetland habitats for people and wildlife. Nobody can protect our wetland resources alone. The SF Bay Joint Venture brings together key Bay Area vested interests and helps them work towards a common goal.

You are one of our most important partners and we want to help you get involved in the protection of wetlands and be empowered to know how you can make a difference too!

Ninety percent of the wetlands remaining in CA are found here in the Bay Area! Wetlands provide vital wildlife habitat, protect shorelines, cleanse pollutants, buffer the impacts of floodwaters and offer a wealth of public recreation opportunities.

On this website you can find lots of ways to get involved and make a difference! EXPLORE the site or CONTACT us for more information!

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Beth Huning, SFBJV Coordinator
Caroline Warner, Outreach Coordinator
Sandra Scoggin, Assistant Coordinator

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